When Yellow Diamond joins forces with Mrs. Tweedy to wake up the Cluster inside the Earth's Core, it's up to the Girls and the Gems to save the world for an epic final chapter in the Tweedy saga. However, a Child of Light is somehow linked to the gems as her anger and falldown mode back at The Great Chicken Run have brought the diamonds on earth to get her as the homeworld's first human energy battery. Now, they're gonna need the aid of an old friend and some new faces to protect Kari from evil.


  • The music will be from Lorne Balfe and John Powell while the additional music will be from Heitor Pereira, Julian Nott, and Aivi & Surasshu.
  • The film will have story elements from X-Men 3: The Last Stand as well as a few references from Steven Universe that will focus on the gem war.
  • This will focus on Kari on how she is linked to the gems on Homeworld and will have a crystallized form for Kari as she has Gem-Tonium inside her.
  • The film will now take place after Steven Universe: Wanted.