Welcome to the Advenutres Of PowerPuff Girls Z Wiki

Here the wikia site of the D-L Production Spin-Off Staring New Townsville's greatest trio of superheroines, The Powerpuff Girls Z. Join the Girls, along the The Chipmunks, Garfield, The Ninja Turtles and of course, Yoshino And Sonic on their epic adventures to Save the Universe and stop The Foot Clan from taking Over The World. Feel Free To add or edit anything to the new wikia site just remember that in every adventure The Day Is Save thanks to Team Powerpuff.


  • All PPG projects (made by D-L or KirbyStar and B-Master) have to have the characters from the anime, Powerpuff Girls Z. Don't use the 2016 Powerpuff Girls on them otherwise, you will be banned from the wiki forever.


Team Powerpuff

PowerPuff Adventures

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